For children aged 2, 3, and 4 years old

Our Pre-School Stars program features small and large group experiences to build self-confidence and self-help skills. Our classroom environment is designed with different learning centers for age-appropriate activities that focus on building your child’s cognitive, emotional, social, and physical skills.

We encourage and work with every child to acquire skills in:

  • Cognitive Development
  • Creative Expression
  • Executive Function
  • Language and Literacy Development
  • Physical Development and Wellness
  • Social and Emotional Development

Activities are inclusive of:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Plays
  • Regular teacher-family communication
  • Daily small- and whole-group activities
  • Themed Lesson plans to encourage your child’s curiosity, increase confidence, and support self- directed activities
  • Hands-on activities designed to enhance problem-solving and scientific thinking skills
  • Tracking your child’s progress toward developmental milestones and school readiness through Observation-based assessments
  • Continuous observation and documentation of growth and development through your child’s work

At Mobi’s Ark Early Learning Center, we make dreams happen by fostering every child’s uniqueness, talents, skills, and intelligence. Enroll your child now! For more information, please contact us at your convenience.