Nurturing your child’s potential

The programs at Mobi’s Ark Early Learning Center provide opportunities for children to be confident and competent in core development areas: language, emotional, cognitive, creative, social, and physical. Our licensed teachers provide comprehensive education to children through purposeful plays and community integration. We cooperate with their parents and guardians to ensure that their care and educational needs are appropriately met.

It is our responsibility to keep them safe and sound within our center as they continue to discover their capabilities and hone their skills and talents while learning life-long lessons. We nurture not only the intellectual capacity of children but also their ability to socially connect with others, understand their surroundings, cope up with challenges, and make use of their skills and talents holistically.

These are the programs that your child is welcome to join.

Other specialized activities include:

  • Smartboard technology for interactive play and teaching activities
  • Yoga
  • Foreign Language – French, Spanish, etc.
  • Exciting Fitness Activities

Enroll your child with us today! We at Mobi’s Ark Early Learning Center will nurture your child’s overall potential. Thus, giving them a brighter future ahead. Contact us through our online message form for inquiries. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!